MacEwen transportation budget request would invest in Gorst corridor improvements

Rep. Drew MacEwen, R-Union, has submitted a $414 million transportation budget request to improve safety and address congestion and capacity issues along the SR 3/SR 16 Gorst corridor.

The Gorst corridor is the gateway from Kitsap County to Mason, Jefferson and Clallam counties. Critically, it provides the only roadway link to strategic Naval facilities in Kitsap County. These facilities are not only vital for military readiness and national security purposes, but also for regional economic interests.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency classifies the Gorst area as a chokepoint that “becomes impassable with any minor or major impact, including high-winds, floods, and car accidents.” Even without these impacts, tens of thousands of commuters, as well as commercial truck drivers and military personnel, are getting stuck on the corridor daily.

If MacEwen's budget request is included in the 2021-23 transportation budget, the Department of Transportation would have the green light to begin investing in projects to fix issues that have worsened over the decades.

“While I have the privilege of bringing this budget request forward, there is a broad coalition behind this effort that has been waiting a long time for a solution,” said MacEwen. “If we fail to address the issues and deficiencies in this critical transportation corridor, our local communities, the Kitsap economy, and significant U.S. strategic military missions will continue to be at risk. With lives and livelihoods at stake, we can't afford to wait any longer for these investments to be made.”

Projects that would be funded by MacEwen's budget request include:

Near-term (5-year plan)

  • Implement peak-use shoulder lanes along SR 3 between railroad trestle north of Gorst and SR 304 ($20 million)
  • SR 3/Loxie Eagans interchange – Ramp terminal rechannelization and improvements at National Avenue ($250,000)
  • SR 3/Kitsap Way interchange – Intersection rechannelization and improvements at southbound ramp terminal ($200,000)
  • Implement operational improvements along SR 304 at Charleston Beach Road ($200,000)

Mid-term (10-year plan)

  • Construct roundabout at Sam Christopherson Avenue and SR 3/SR 16 ($3 million)
  • Implement peak-use shoulder lanes along SR 3 between railroad trestle and SR 3/SR 16 interchange ($3 million)
  • SR 3/Loxie Eagans interchange – Make intersection capacity improvements at southbound ramp terminal (signal or roundabout) ($750,000)
  • SR 304 – Enhance vanpool/transit options by converting 2+ HOV lane to 3+ HOV lane ($250,000)
  • Implement operational improvements along SR 304 at Farragut Avenue ($200,000)

Long-term (20-year plan)

  • Construct an elevated roadway or structure through Gorst to address resiliency and redundancy ($30-$300 million)
  • Add mainline capacity along SR 3 between SR 3/SR 16 interchange at Gorst and SR 304 ($160-$200 million)
  • Reconstruct all or portions of the SR 16/SR 3 interchange and/or intersection of Sam Christopherson Avenue W/SR 3 ($30 million)
  • Selected approach widenings at SR 304 and Farragut Avenue ($500,000)

The 2021 legislative session is scheduled to run through April 25.


Washington State House Republican Communications