Governor signs MacEwen bill to protect crime victims

A bill sponsored by Rep. Drew MacEwen to require law enforcement agencies to provide assistance to crime victims, regardless of their legal status, was signed into law Thursday.

MacEwen says House Bill 1022, which was brought to him by a constituent, will codify into state law existing federal law that ensures crime victims can receive the help they need in a timely manner.

“After working on this bill for three years, I'm glad our state is finally taking a stand and declaring that all crime victims deserve justice,” said MacEwen, R-Union. “Because of this bill, victims will know better than to believe the lie told by their perpetrators that they won't receive help from law enforcement. No longer will monsters who prey on women and children be able to escape justice for months and years on end. This is an important bill that will make our communities safer, and I'm grateful for the overwhelming bipartisan support it received in both chambers.”

House Bill 1022 was approved 95-1 in the House and 49-0 in the Senate. It will go into effect later this year.

The 2018 legislative session is scheduled to adjourned March 8.


Washington State House Republican Communications