Rep. Drew MacEwen votes ‘yes’ on bipartisan operating budget

Rep. Drew MacEwen, R-Union, voted in favor of the 2015-17 operating budget and released the following statement:

“After more than 160 days in session, I am pleased we were able to pass the 2015-17 operating budget. This budget is built on compromise and makes historic investments in K-12 and higher education, reduces college tuition, funds teacher and state employee COLAs, and improves mental health services, without new taxes. By passing a budget without new taxes, we have shown it is possible for state government to prioritize spending and live within our means. I have contended all along this could have been done in April during the regular session with our record economic growth, but I am still am pleased we have averted a state government shutdown.

“Passing this bipartisan budget ensures state government will remain open for business and critical services will continue across Washington. Even with this positive outcome, we must continue to work for a more efficient state government. Although we have $3.2 billion in new revenue from economic growth, we must work continue to spur growth throughout the state, especially in places like the 35th District, which are still recovering from the Great Recession. I hope we can build on this budget agreement, create a continuing culture of compromise, and restore trust in state government,” he said.

The budget will now go to the governor for his signature.


Washington State House Republican Communications