Bill sponsored by Rep. Drew MacEwen becomes law

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Bill sponsored by Rep. Drew MacEwen becomes law

A bill sponsored by Rep. Drew MacEwen, R-Union, to make it easier for homeowners to make improvements to their property for the purpose of selling it became law today. House Bill 1749 ends the requirement for homeowners working on their house to register with Labor and Industries as a contractor in order to “flip” it. Those who did not register could have faced fines for failure to comply.

“I'm pleased to have this bill signed into law. It addresses concerns brought to me by constituents and eliminates unnecessary regulations,” said MacEwen. “Having homeowners register as contractors or face steep fines from L&I is not just an unnecessary burden, it hinders economic growth. Home ownership is still the cornerstone of the American dream, and bureaucratic red tape like this adds to the cost of buying a home. Washingtonians deserve a government that does not look first to fine its citizens, but rather seeks to facilitate their success.”

MacEwen was joined at the signing by residents of the 35th District who proposed the idea for House Bill 1749. He went on to say he welcomes ideas for legislation from all constituents.

“I believe the best ideas often come from our communities, and I encourage constituents to share those ideas with me. Together, we can build a smarter, more efficient state government that does not stand in the way of growth and prosperity,” he said.

House Bill 1749 will take effect 90 days after the 2015 regular legislative session adjourns.


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