MacEwen’s bill to streamline military, veteran transition assistance programs passes House

A measure to streamline programs that assist current military members and veterans transition into civilian life received unanimous support in the state House of Representatives today. House Bill 2130 was sponsored by 35th District state Rep. Drew MacEwen, R-Union.

Building upon 2006 legislation establishing the Veterans' Innovations Program (VIP), House Bill 2130 would combine the Defenders' Fund and Competitive Grant Program simplifying internal processes for the Washington Department of Veterans' Affairs. Funds appropriated to VIP would still be used to increase awareness of the program to veterans and active duty service members. Funds from this program would also be used to develop partnerships to assist members in completing the application process, along with education, training and employment assistance. Additionally, the bill expands these services to members of the National Guard.

“I was happy to sponsor the Veterans Innovations Program legislation,” said MacEwen, a veteran of the United States Navy. “This program began to assist veterans facing hardship in employment, training and transitioning to civilian life. It has proven to be a crucial tool to assist our veterans who have returned home after facing long and arduous combat tours in a post 9/11 world. My bill would streamline the various programs and make them more efficient and accessible by our military community.”

House Bill 2130 will be transmitted to the Senate for further consideration. The 2014 legislative session is scheduled to adjourn March 13.


Washington State House Republican Communications