12-07-15: State lawmakers introduce bipartisan resolution to impeach Troy Kelley (audio)

Legislator: Rep. Drew MacEwen
Date Recorded: 12-07-15
Run Time: 68 seconds
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SUGGESTED LEAD:  Four Republican and Democratic legislators in the state House of Representatives have introduced a resolution to begin the process of impeaching State Auditor Troy Kelley. John Sattgast reports from Olympia.

(Voicer:  MacEwen-AuditorImpeachment-SattgastVoicer-120715.mp3 – Run time :68 seconds.)

Sattgast: Kelley declared a leave of absence on May 4th after he was indicted on 16 counts of felony charges related to his former business. Republican State Representative Drew MacEwen of Union, who is one of the authors of the resolution, said it has nothing to do with the charges. Instead, it’s about Kelley abandoning his post as State Auditor.

(Voice cut: MacEwen-AuditorImpeachment-Clip1-120715.jpg – Run time :17  seconds – Out cue: . .running that office.)

MacEwen: “He has abandoned his office and he has created a malfeasance of office. And I have a letter in which he delegates all of his authority and power from all the duties of the Washington State Auditor to a longtime state auditor employee. It’s created a crisis here in that we have other people that are not elected to the office running that office.”

Sattgast: Republicans, Democrats and Governor Inslee have all called for Kelley to resign. So far, he has refused, but he has also given no set date of returning to his elected office.

MacEwen says that has left the Legislature no choice but to move forward with impeachment proceedings in order to restore accountability to the state auditor’s office.

(Voice cut: MacEwen-AuditorImpeachment-Clip2-120715.jpg – Run time :06  seconds – Out cue: . .by resigning.)

MacEwen: “You know, the bigger issue here is Troy Kelley and what he has done. All of this rests on his shoulders. And he could end this by resigning.”

Sattgast: The Legislature could take up the issue when it convenes in a 60-day session, starting January 11th.

John Sattgast, Olympia.

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