MacEwen supports legislation to keep Boeing 777x production in Washington (audio)

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Nov.10, 2013

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MacEwen supports legislation to keep Boeing 777x production in Washington

Legislator: Rep. Drew MacEwen
Date Recorded: Nov. 10, 2013
Run Time: 72 seconds

SUGGESTED LEAD: The state Legislature adjourned in the third day of its special session Saturday after approving legislation aimed at keeping Boeing’s new Triple 7X (777x) production in Washington state. John Sattgast reports from Olympia.
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MP3 File   Sattgast: Lawmakers gave widespread bipartisan approval to two measures. The first extends existing aerospace tax breaks out to 2040. The second expands aerospace workforce training enrollment at the state’s community and technical colleges. It also provides streamlined permitting for new facilities to build Boeing’s carbon fiber wing in Washington.   State Representative Drew MacEwen of Union was appointed in September to the Triple 7X Legislative Task Force. While he noted this legislation could bring thousands of new jobs to Washington, the 35th District lawmaker said the same tax and regulatory relief should be extended to all small businesses.   (Voice cut: MacEwen-SB5952-CLIP-110913.mp3 – Run time :19 seconds –  Out cue: . . . that same benefit.)

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MacEwen:  “I just want to remind this chamber that, ah, a number of years ago a small business guy named William Boeing started this. And look what it is today. You know, God bless it. And as we, as we put this into law, and I’m confident we will pass this, let’s remember all the small businesses that are out there and let’s give them that same benefit.”

Sattgast: State Representative Drew MacEwen.  Lawmakers say if the Triple 7X is not built in Washington, the tax relief extension will expire in 2017.   The next step is up to the machinists union. They are scheduled to vote Wednesday on a new contract with Boeing. John Sattgast, Olympia.

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