MacEwen takes oath as newest 35th District state representative (audio)

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Jan. 14, 2013

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MacEwen takes oath as newest 35th District state representative

Legislator: Rep. Drew MacEwen
Date Recorded: Jan 14, 2013
Run Time: 65 seconds VOICER: OpeningDay-MacEwen-SattgastVoicer-011413.mp3

SUGGESTED LEAD: Facing a multitude of challenges, including the need to close a billion-dollar budget gap, the state Legislature began its scheduled 105-day session Monday. Among those sworn into office is a new Republican state representative from the 35th Legislative District. John Sattgast reports from Olympia.
(VOICE CUT: OpeningDay-MacEwen-SattgastVoicer-011413.mp3 – 1:04 – Out cue: John Sattgast, Olympia)

MP3 File   Sattgast: With state Supreme Court Chief Justice Barbara Madsen administering the oath. . .   (Voice cut [In two pieces] – CLIP1-Oath-OpeningDay.mp3 – Run time :11 seconds – Out cue: . . .Washington State Representative.)  
MP3 File   Madsen: That I will faithfully and impartially discharge the duties. . .   Sattgast: 98 lawmakers repeated their promise. . .   House members and Madsen: That I will faithfully and impartially discharge the duties. . .Of the office of a Washington State Representative. . .   Sattgast: And they were sworn into office, including Drew MacEwen of Union.
MacEwen:  “I’m looking forward to serving the people. I’m humbled to be here. It’s a great honor to represent the people in their house. And looking forward to getting to work and getting our economy moving forward.”

(Voice cut: CLIP2-MacEwen-OpeningDay.mp3 – Run time :08 seconds.  Out cue: getting our economy moving forward. )

MP3 File

Sattgast: The new 35th District state representative has a background in small business, and will be serving on the House Business and Financial Services Committee. He says getting Washington working again will be among his highest priorities.   MacEwen: “We need to have steady and predictable regulations and taxes so that businesses can plan and grow, and get employees back to work. If we get to pre-recession levels on our employment figures, that’s a billion dollar stimulus to this economy without changing the tax revenue structure.”   (Voice cut: CLIP3-MacEwen-OpeningDay.mp3 – Run time :11 seconds. Out cue:  )

MP3 File
In addition to supporting the funding of education first, MacEwen says he’ll be working to move the Belfair Bypass forward along State Route 3.   John Sattgast, Olympia.

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